Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's for dinner (part 2)

Fish store had some very nice fresh local cod loin.
Produce store came up with (of all things) farm fresh Sicilian eggplant, nice fennel, salad greens, and a two kinds of tomatoes in the "seconds" category and thus reasonably priced for what I had in mind. I have a real problem paying 4, 5, 6 dollars a pound for tomatoes under any circumstances, but as I was planning to use them for sauce, I was particularly price sensitive. So I was in luck buying "seconds" at .99/lb.
I also lucked out with a melon you could smell at 5 paces - ready to go!
Cheese store came through with Sicilian Olives and Pepato cheese (not my first choice but ok)
Here then the menu:

Melon and Italian Speck

Shaved Fennel and Field Greens

Roasted Cod Loin
Fresh Tomato Coulis with Sicilian Olives
Balsamic Glazed Sicilian Eggplant
Rice with dusting of grated Pepato

Wine: (as originally contemplated) 2004 Planeta Chardonnay IGT Sicily

Black & White Mouse Cake
Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, & Blueberry Ice Cream

Comments on how things worked out tomorrow. Gotta go walk the dog.

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