Sunday, August 5, 2007

bialy report and I am given a clue by Rick

So as to the Brookline bialy (sic) - need I say more? A good piece of bread with onions. Not a bialy. Still searching. Please - send leads. Truly noshstalgic.

Speaking of which - my friend Rick, when trying to find this site, used what seemed to him the obvious spelling and found his way not here - but to another blog - Their blog has been going for years, and there's lots of great content there. I honestly never thought to spell it that way and so this came as a welcome surprise to me. The sentiments they cite in their introductory comments are very close to my own. I'm excited to find others working this beat. Their editorial emphasis is very different from my own and I hope that they'll find my jottings as interesting as I've found theirs.


Julie said...

Hi, This is Julie from "Noshtalgia".
Just wanted to welcome you to the Blogosphere.
It's alot of fun, looking forward to your take on the world of food.

Dan said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, Julie. I admire the work you've published at your site. And although I am content to rant most of the time - when I do post on recipes you've set the bar high - you've got me thinking now about how to produce such beautiful pictures as routinely accompany your postings.
Thanks again,