Saturday, July 21, 2007

A quick summer lunch with the boys

Properly ripened cranshaw melon with shinkenspeck and lime. Sesame seeded ficelle with brebiou (a mild sheep's milk brie).
The little one passed on the above, but went crazy for the black-forest salami and a new designer fruit I picked up - something they're calling a mango nectarine. Have to admit, it was very good. Also notable, it was absolutely ready to eat upon purchase - perfectly ripe. A real rarity in most retail settings today.

Even though I've titled this blog Noshstalgia, I love running into worthwhile new products - by which I mean products that introduce delicious new flavors, textures, nutritive profiles, etc. Some of the new designer fruits are excellent. The people at Baldor have introduced quite a few. Not sure if this is one of theirs.

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