Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A couple of Kitchen Views

Some people have asked me about our kitchen here at home. I don't have very good photos just yet as we're not 100% done with the project, but here are a few to provide some idea of what we're up to...

Early on in our renovation - hood and appliances for new hot line are in, but finishes not so much...
Me and Mom:

Much later in the project - Primo gets ready for Prom Night. Note the stone is now up on the hot-line backsplash:

Sink wall run. Hard to see the wood-character in these photos at the size shown, but the cabinets combine walnut and curly maple. Counter-tops and full-height backsplash of mascarello granite. Also note the drop-in induction range on island (under tea kettle). Induction is worth it -:

Primary Hot Line (pay no attention to the wierd photo artifact whereby the island top appears to be the floor. Better photos coming soon). Range, char-broiler, and convection oven. The Moffat E-32 convection oven is by far the best part of this line-up:

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